The following issues are also addressed by Fitzgerald in Bachelor 2000: A Handbook for the Hollywood Celibate:

On Being An Original Creation (Reflections on Style & Nonconformity)
On Superficiality
On Fame
On the Concept of Minimalism
On Chastity
On Drinking (& the Artistic Process)
On Pornography
On Cleanliness in Your Residence
On the Acquisition of a Roommate
On the Need for Companionship
On the Value of “Hooters”
On Marrying into Wealth
On How Airline Travel Deadens the Desire for Offspring
On Underwear
On the Proper Management of Time
On Spiritual Matters
On Frugality
On Exercise
On the Proper Treatment of Parents
On a Bachelor’s Automobile
On the Role of Giving in the Bachelor Life
On Fitzgerald’s Work with the Homeless
On the TV Dinner
On Dining Out & “Table for One”
On the “Gentleman’s Club”
On Gainful Employment
On Jury Duty
On Developing a Healthy Obsession
On Abandonment

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