“... a prophet has arisen from the ashes of the 20th century’s excesses ... a vision that lacerates human complacency with each stroke of his enlightened pen.”
Peoria Valley News

“... touched by the divine, Fitzgerald possesses an imagination of breath-taking originality and an intellect of stunning complexity.”
Pacoima Times

“Fitzgerald presents a vision of male life that is not concerned with the bosom and buttocks .… should be required reading for those entering college, the work force, or the presidency.”
Bakersfield Today

“... only once in a generation does an author come along who shines above the rest ... his clear thinking is as impressive as the grace of his prose ... remarkable craftsmanship.”
Placentia Post

“... an artist of taste and refinement whose international reputation is secure.”
Burbank Cultural News

“... cada pieza literaria es como una piedra preciosa, pulida y detallada, brillando con sagacidad y sensatiz.”
East L.A. Herald

“Fitzgerald is a voice of authority in our desperate age; this treatise has the power of a papal encyclical.”
Krakow Associated Press

“... creative genius bedecked in a blue sport coat, crisply pressed white tuxedo pants, yellow silk tie and spats. What bushel has this yummy Fitzgerald been hiding under? He’s it!”
West Hollywood Gazette

“... his words resonate with the beauty and elegance of Stephen King.”
Valencia High School Literary Review

“... an artist that inspires ordinary souls to live extraordinary lives.”
Sisters of Mercy Literary Journal