"... an artist of taste and refinement whose international reputation is secure."
--Burbank Cultural News

Author of smug etiquette, pontiff of the practical, aesthete of the young and aspiring, connoisseur of all things cultural, chic rascal -- Fitzgerald provides a comprehensive philosophy for the modern individual. Having recently completed his magnum opus, Bachelor2000: Fitzgerald's Handbook for the Hollywood Celibate, he is currently planning a nationwide lecture tour.

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Fitzgerald gained cult status with his cable access show O'Brien's People, where he interviewed Hollywood's most eccentric experts, including Dr. Bill Knute (pet plastic surgeon), James Prideaux (Hollywood phrenologist/casting director) and Kenneth James (insect pornographer). His subversive comedy and insight into the perils of single life have made him a favorite at Hollywood's Magic Castle and at top comedy venues across the country.

"After my wife and I saw his show, we were in such a good mood we ran to our car and made love in the parking lot."
--Richard Johnson, Placentia, CA