The Unholy Three believe the only way to improve theatrically is to perform consistently -- in front of real people! Working in a non-competitive spirit every Friday night (when many folks are wandering around the Castle seeking entertainment) gives them a chance to hone their chops, develop precision in their regular presentations, and to experiment. The consistent performances assisted in landing Zabrecky in the "Dai Vernon Parlour", Fitzgerald in the "Palace of Mystery", and Lovering as the opening act for the nationally touring rock band "Frank Black & the Catholics".

Zabrecky's and Lovering's performance roots spring from the world of rock n' roll. Rob was the lead singer/songwriter for the popular Silver Lake-based band, Possum Dixon; David is the drummer for Boston's seminal alternative rock band, the Pixies. Both have toured extensively across the U.S. and Europe. Fitzgerald's obsession with magic sprouted at the age of 10 in suburban Chicago; he's appeared on nightclub stages across the country and produced for several years his own television comedy show.